The odds were against him considering eight of the Ravens’ 13 wide receivers, including all of their top ones, didn’t suit up, but Mallett performed more like the quarterback who upset Pittsburgh.I’m excited.Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson and Buffalo running back Devin Singletary grew up just 10 minutes away from each other in South Florida.When TE Hayden Hurst was traded, were you surprised?Was that a gradual progression for you?

Huntley is not a well-known commodity among Ravens fans, and without rookie camp or OTAs, the coaching Custom Jersey Maker has not been able to watch him throw daily.And obviously, after this game, we’ll get ready for Cleveland, and so on and so forth.There are other players on this Bills team that are playing at a very high level and didn’t make the Pro Bowl roster.And then, like you said, with Ronnie going down, it was a big turnaround for us, because I know a lot of people didn’t know what was going to go on.

They make life easier for you.We just have to go out to Cincinnati and finish the business off.I don’t really care about the success we had.So, any big observations, I’ll leave that to you guys.

He’s got five great targets he can throw to including Dawson design your own football jersey We got it back to seven ; we were down seven in the fourth , and unfortunately, we weren’t able to get them off the field.We kind of expected him to play well, just like we do the other guys to play well when they go in there.So it’s just all the talking that we’ve done off in the field that helped us on that play.Well, what if I told you the Ravens had a Curry-like figure on their roster, and that they don’t play offense or defense.They’re doing a nice job at getting rid of the ball quicker.You swept the Steelers last year.